Bolton Labour confirm there are 300 Slim bins micro-chipped in Bolton “somewhere”

At the full Council meeting on Wednesday 12th October, Liberal Democrat Leader Cllr Roger Hayes asked the question: “Can the executive member confirm that 300 microchipped slim bins have been distributed to homes in Bolton? If so, can he tell council where those bins are and how the microchips will be used?”

Cllr Peel who is Cabinet Member for Environment replied: “We did get a load of 300 of the 140 litre bins with microchips, earlier in the year at a time when we needed the bins quite quickly and needed to get them out to people. We have absolutely no idea where they are, they were separated when they were delivered to houses. But they aren’t any use to us because we don’t have any software to use to monitor them and we don’t have any intention of getting any.”

Many residents will be unfazed by this news, but there will also be a number of residents who are concerned.

If you are concerned about this please feel free to contact me.

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