Have your say on building on Bolton’s greenbelt and the 3000 homes planned to be built across Bolton North over the next two decades. Bolton North East covers Astley Bridge, Bradshaw, Breightmet, Bromley Cross, Crompton, Halliwell and Tonge with the Haulgh.

The eight week consultation on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework – the proposals on where we are going to build hundreds of thousands of new homes across GM over the next 20 years – opens on Monday 31st October 2016.

Please make sure you have your say.

The consultation should appear here on Monday 31st October.

The Government has said that Bolton has to build around 17,000 houses over the next two decades, around a thousand per year, 7,000 of these falling on green belt or protected land and this plan is the Greater Manchester Combined Authority first attempt to say where they should all go.

3,000 houses are being put forward for various green parcels of land located in the north of Bolton — although specific plans have not been identified.
Despite no firm decisions being made about specific locations across the North of Bolton, Bolton North East Liberal Democrats are concerned that current infrastructure is not sufficient to cope with this amount of increase in housing without significant investment.

A recent poll in the Bolton News revealed 87% are concerned about plans to build 17,000 homes across the town. Westhoughton which has already been earmarked for nearly 3,000 homes is expected to have another 1,000 as part of the plans.

Ensure you have your say.

3 thoughts on “3000 homes planned to be built in the North of Bolton.

  1. every house has sometime been built on green land !
    however new houses and more people mean more school places and more Doctors
    more parking .
    access to the road network

    Bromley cross has grown massively since Turton school was built.
    pupils now go to the school from far and wide and are certainly not local.
    getting onto the A666 in the morning from Darwen road is already a nightmare as is getting across Darwen road at peak times.
    primary schools are at full capacity now so where will the new children go to school
    our dentist is full

    so can we know is there going to be any thought given to these problems before a decision is made


    1. Good point well made.

      At some point in time every house was built on the green belt, however we have an opportunity to re-think the strategy. We can no longer rely on building outwards, and we should be looking to protect the open spaces we have in favour of building upwards. Residents want affordable homes in the places they live.

      Schools, roads, GPs, hospitals need investment. Infrastructure should be given the highest priority in all new build schemes, and we must fight to ensure that is the case. The number of practising GPs are the lowest they’ve been in over a decade.

      Make sure you have your say using the link to ensure the ones making the decision know that we need investment.


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