On Saturday 29th October I made residents aware that up to 3000 houses were planned to be built across the North of Bolton [read here]

These potential sites for new houses have been released, and the major developments occur around the following areas: Horrocks Fold, Thornham Drive, Cox Green/Last Drop & Longsight Park Golf Course.

Before any new houses are built anywhere in Bolton we need significant investment in infrastructure. The Additional Tory Government cuts will make any accommodation of extra houses near impossible. How are residents going to cope?

Our local health centres are under threat of closure, children’s centres are closing, our town centre is full of empty shops, we’ll lose more green space and it is very doubtful these houses will be affordable to normal working people.

It seems both the Tory Government and local Labour party have not thought these plans through properly.

Click here to sign the petition: Hands Off Bolton’s Green Belt

You can see the interactive map here:

Greater Manchester Spacial Framework – Have your say

Horrocks Fold:

Birtenshaw Hall School / Thornham Drive:
Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 22.38.04.png

Longsight Park Golf Course:

Cox Green/Last Drop:
Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 22.21.46.png

3 thoughts on “Horrocks Fold, Thornham Drive, Cox Green/Last Drop & Longsight Park Golf Course identified for new houses

  1. Many of these proposed developments would be accessed by Blackburn road which is already extremely busy extending journey times. More housing will make this even worse we just do not have the infrastructure to cope with more vehicles in this area and that’s just one “small” point.


    1. We live in Croft gate Bl23jj looking at this map the millennium woods going to be taken our next door neighbour had been approached to sell a bit of his land nos 32 and 34 which would give them an access route onto land how far has this gone


  2. People living in these areas have to use cars because there isn’t a decent bus service .BC is trying to encourage “normal”residents to use the Town Centre i.e. ..Spice Valley /Cinema..yet when we got back from a buzzing Manchester on Weds 2/11 a) Bolton centre was a ghost town b) We missed 8.45 No1 up Blackburn Rdfrom the bus station and the next one was 9.45 and that was the LAST BUS c) The last bus 535 up past Horrocks Fold is 17.18 ..YES thats 17.18 d)So on 2/11 we had to get a taxi and the driver said Town is dead compared to local Towns ,and he has not had any customers to or from cinema .We didn’t know it had opened !
    So for us to “enjoy” an evening at the cinema /bar in our local town means driving or taxi ….so one cannot drink or the other means extra cost


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