At a public meeting held at High Lawn School on Tuesday 6th Dec, there was a strong show of support in objection to sites that had been put forward to be included in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, which could see 1200+ houses built across two sites in Astley Bridge.

Residents were given the opportunity to ask questions of their elected officials, but it soon became apparent that the person with ultimate power was the Council Leader Cllr Morris. The Council Leader will decide which elements of plans are put forward, and the wider Greater Manchester Spatial Framework Strategy will be decided by the 10 Labour Council leaders from across Greater Manchester.

It was agreed at last weeks full council meeting that all party leaders – Lib Dems, UKIP, Labour and the Tories would all agree some form of terms of reference for a motion to presented at a later council meeting which would form the boroughs response to the framework. It was also stated that Cllr Morris would call for an extension to present Bolton’s plan [the current deadline ends on 23rd Dec] it is hoped by the council leader this deadline will be extended to the end of January. However, it is important that all residents still register their objections before the 23rd dec.

A petition which is placed at several locations across Astley Bridge; Top Shop, Inspired Beauty, Dougie Tobuts, Edwardi’s, Mirror Mirror, it is hoped to be handed directly to the council leader by the Friends of Horrocks Fold, which will allow the residents who present it to personally say why they think these sites should not be considered. We’re currently trying to agree a date.

Residents from Templecombe Drive have formed a group called ‘Friends of Horrocks Fold’ to fight the proposed developments on Horrocks Fold. You can follow them on Facebook. Leaflets with more information on Thornham Drive will go out later in the week and a draft objection letter can be downloaded below.

A draft objection letter can be downloaded here: horrocks-fold-v-2

Hands off Horrocks Fold Leaflet: hands-off-horrocks-fold-leaflet_printready

Facebook Group: Friends of Horrocks Fold


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