Just before Christmas Greater Manchester councils added a few weeks more to the consultation on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework – the new deadline is 16 January 2017. It would be great if as many people as possible could send in their own personal objections. Details of how to do this are here:

Step 1 : Get informed

Read the information on the GMSF website  Link to consultation site. Decide which allocations you wish to object to (or all):

North Bolton Strategic Opportunity Area (Bolton)
1. Link to OA1 – North Bolton Strategic Opportunity Area

Astley Bridge:
1.Templecombe Drive, Bolton Submission ID: 1453214397226
2. Land at Horrocks Fold, Belmont Road, Bolton Submission ID: 1453823928831
3. Land at Bank Top (formerly Eagley Bank Farm), Bolton Submission ID: 1453825293509

Bromley Cross:
1. Land South and west of the Hall Coppice Submission ID: 1453802816632
 Land south of Tongfields, Bromley Cross, BL7 9BB Submission ID: 1448035832520
3. Land adjoining the Paddock Submission ID: 1453217712317
4. Land Off Cox Green Road, Egerton, Bolton, BL7 9UX Submission ID: 1453821541248
5. Land at Bromley Cross Submission ID: 1452528595406
6. Land to the west of Gledhill Way, The Last Drop, Bromley Cross, Bolton Submission ID: 1452181996997
7. Land to the North of Hospital Road, The Last Drop, Bromley Cross, Bolton Submission ID: 1452185349623
 Land to the North of The Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa, Bromley Cross, Bolton Submission ID: 1452789823376
 Darwen Road Submission ID: 1453799529294
 Holland Nurseries Submission ID: 1453198699665

1. Bolton Open Golf Club and Leisure Ltd Submission ID: 1453806402439
2. Land north of Harwood Lee Submission ID: 1472639605497
3. Land north of Arthur Lane, Harwood Submission ID: 1464257152763
4. Land South of Stitch-Mi-Lane, Harwood Submission ID: 1453211124209

1. Hoover-Candy Site, Breightmet Submission ID: 1453814780166

1. Former site of Falcon view Centre & temporary Eden Boys School Submission ID: 1465709878532
Cotton street Submission ID: 1465710393691

1. The Post Office, Deansgate, Bolton and adjacent land Submission ID: 1452527848052

There is lots of information on the GMCA and GMSF websites, as well as our facebook page Greater Manchester Spatial Framework Discussion Group or the resident group Friends of Horrocks Fold. There are plans and links to news articles, interviews, Westminster debates and comments from MPs which will help you build up a good understanding of whats happening – but please don’t stop there – if you’ve got the time dig around for other evidence, statistics and history to build up a strong objection.

You can also register on the GMSF site for further information and newsletters, and they are very active on twitter.

However PLEASE DON’T WORRY if you haven’t the time or energy to gather a lot of detail – do the best you can manage with the time that you have – just make sure you get it in on time, in the correct way.

Step 2 : Write your objection

  • You must include your full name and address
  • Indicate which specific allocations you are objecting to – this is more effective than a general objection
  • Refer to the impact of the proposals
  • Give evidence and statistics where/if you can
  • Make sure you make it a personal statement of how this will affect YOU and YOUR community – make a heartfelt appeal

If you find this difficult to get started on you can use the template in the additional help section below – but you must add your own words and detail in

Step 3 : Submit


You can make your objection direct on the GMSF portal : link to GMSF portal


Greater Manchester Integrated Support Team
PO Box 532
Town Hall
M60 2LA



Ask them to acknowledge receipt of your email.

Additional help……

Ask a question on our facebook page or email us for support Contact Me

Use this template to help you start your written objection:

draft-objection-letter [Word Document 34kb]

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