Several residents have contacted me about the state of repair the Brierfield Pub has fallen in to, additionally enquiring what the future purpose of the building will be.

I agree, it looks like an eye sore, and doesn’t give a good impression of our area. Obviously, I’d like to see the building brought back into use as it is a valuable asset to our community.

Acting on these requests, I recently contacted the enforcement team at Bolton Council, who said there was nothing they could do whilst the building remains in a state of development. No planning application had been submitted and no internal or external modifications had been made that warranted an application.

It is likely, that any changes in use of the building will require a planning application, and the owner is aware of this. There has been no breaches of planning.

What the building will become or won’t become, is just speculation until an application is submitted and while the project remains in a state of development there is very little that enforcement can do. I know this is frustrating, but if and when any applications are submitted, or if there is any changes, I will endeavour to keep residents informed.


– Warren Fox

2 thoughts on “Update on the Brierfield Pub

  1. Thanks for the update. What about the three pigeons? Is that every getting sorted? The Brierfield could soon end up like that!


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