On Thursday 16th March Liberal Democrat Campaigner Warren Fox, issued the Chief Exec at Bolton Council, Margaret Asquith a litter abatement order, for failing to clear litter from streets in Astley Bridge in a timely fashion. 

Litter Abatement
Copy of Letter Submitted to Bolton Council

A litter abatement order means a litter authority can be taken to court if they don’t keep publicly accessible land clear of litter and refuse. On the governments own website it states: ‘Councils…must keep land in their area clear of litter and refuse (including dog mess), as far as is practicable.’

Residents had sent complaints complaints of litter and fly-tipping around Holly St, Holland St and Crocus St in Astley Bridge, the response Mr Fox received back was, ‘we’ll clean on the next schedule, 4th May, which is nearly 2 months away.

Mr Fox, who recently litter picked 102 bags of rubbish and fly-tipping from around All Souls, felt this was unacceptable and decided to issue the Council with a litter abatement order to solve the problem.

Warren Fox said, “The Council has a duty to keep land in Bolton clear of litter and fly-tipping. They failing in their responsibilities to tackle the issues, they’re using funding issues as a political stick and they’re not addressing the issue. We’re told there is no money, yet the council is spending £1 million on a sauna/steam room at Bolton One, they’ve controversially given away £300,000 to a law firm, nearly every council department is running at a surplus, and now the Labour-run Council are wanting to spend thousands installing a glass screen to silence the public in the public gallery. It beggars belief, I feel we’re being hoodwinked.”

Mr Fox went on to say, “….I’ve had enough of being told litter is not an issue in Bolton, it is, it devalues our area, and I’m prepared to fight to get them to do what they’re legally required to do, which is to keep Bolton clean.”

Copy Litter Abatement Letter: Litter abatement order Letter 15-03-17

How to apply for a litter abatement order: How to apply

2 thoughts on “Take Council to Court over litter issues urges campaigner!

  1. Thanks for the article. I have been taking photos as evidence for an Abatement Order. Whenever I do report litter or fly tipping, the reply is, ‘We’ll clean it up when we are next in the area’. This is not acceptable. Also, many times I’ve had a ‘job done’ email, weeks later, and, on visiting the site, I find that nothing has been done. So I report it again, etc. It seems that whenever I report this problem, I have to be ready for a battle.


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