Dog fouling across Astley Bridge has become so much of an issue for residents, that many claim they play a daily game of ‘hop-scotch’ in order to avoid stepping in the mess.

Astley Bridge park has now acquired it’s very own nickname ‘dog poo park’, not the best advert for the area!

Bolton Council employs ONE, yes ONE dog warden for the whole town! Despite the best efforts from the dog warden to curb the issue, it appears it has made little impact in combatting the issue.

Bolton Lib Dems put forward an amendment at the budget meeting in February 2017, calling for money to be invested in combatting the problem. Bolton-Labour said NO!

Local community campaigner Warren Fox reported 7 incidents of dog fouling on Thorns Rd, Astley Bridge. The activist who litter picks each Sunday, finds many bags of mess dangling from trees, he said “irresponsible dog owners go to the efforts of chucking filled bags of poo into trees, so they dangle like baubles, it’s amazing”

“Rather than spending money on political vanity projects in our town centre like a £1million sauna/steam room at Bolton One, or giving £300,000 of our money to a rich law firm, the Labour-run Bolton Council should be spending our money on tackling issues that blight our town like dog mess. It is disgusting!”

Click Here to Report Dog Fouling

Failure to clean up after your dog is an offence for which you may receive either a fixed penalty fine of £80 or you may be prosecuted in the magistrates court. This can result in a fine of up to £1,000.

4 thoughts on “Dog Poo is no laughing matter!

  1. The cut through from Thornham drive to Old Eagley Mews is like a dog’s toilet. The kid’s used to call it the black path. I think they would have a more colourful name now


  2. The signs about cleaning up after your dog are no use at all because it is blatantly obvious there is nobody enforcing this issue and fining the irresponsible owners who do not clean up. Why anyone would pick up then throw bag into trees is beyond my comprehension. Its just lazy dirty behaviour …if u dont want to scoop the poop DONT HAVE A DOG!!😡


  3. As my dog sadly passed away 11yrs ago but I use to go on Sharples field with him I always removed his poo (this is a children’s playing field) but not everyone did the same . I was constantly in touch with the dog warden on a number of occasions whilst out on the field & watched various people not cleaning up. I now look after my friends dog 2days a wk & also pick up after him as do a number of others who we all meet up & the dogs all have a run around. We see the dog poo all over from the owners who don’t bother & get the rest of us a.bad name. As I said before a kids school playing fields!! Also after summer as ended & all the leaves have come off the bushes there is bag upon bags which have been thrown into them. Why would they pickup & leave them in the bushes when they could just as easily dispose of it in the grey bins at home. It’s absolutely beyond me . We definitely need more dog wardens. Good on you Warren Fox. You will definitely have my vote next time. Thank you for trying to get Astley Bridge cleaned up & back to the nice place I am proud to live in


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