After consistent pressure from the Bolton Lib Dem group and residents, it was confirmed at the full council meeting on Weds 29th March that the £300,000 grant awarded to Asons last year had been repaid in full.

After the law firm ceased trading as Asons last Friday and announced the business had been sold to Banks Solicitors (trading as Coops Law), which is also owned by a brother of the Asons family,  meant pressure further mounted to reclaim the grant.

A notice to terminate the grant was delivered to Asons on Monday 27th March, and Mr Akram contacted the council that afternoon with an offer to repay the money, which arrived in the council’s bank account at 4.11pm on Tuesday.

A KPMG audit into the awarding of the grant is ongoing, with the results expected in June, however calls for Labour-leader Cllr Cliff Morris to resign are still on-going, over his part in the fiasco.

Warren Fox said: “Questions still need to be asked why this grant was given in the first place. It seems leaders at Bolton Council have been very evasive in giving reasons. At a time when politics should be open, honest and accountable, our council has been far from it in this fiasco! The people of Bolton deserve answers!”

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on this subject…..

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