A recent Freedom of Information request from the Liberal Democrats revealed that nearly £10,000 of tax payer money had been spent on a Labour Party Political Advisor during 2016/17 – who’s responsibilities include updating social media accounts and advising the Labour Council leader on policy.

Warren Fox said:

“This once again shows the arrogance of the Labour group who control Bolton Council, who without strong opposition are able to push through pretty much anything they like.

To spend £10,000 of our money like this really is a smack in the face for hard working Boltonians. At a time when residents are being asked to cough up more money in council-tax but are having services cut, we should be prioritising money for front line service. Bolton Lib Dems will continue to fight for an open, honest, accountable council.”

The full FOI request can be viewed here

Liberal Democrat campaigner Kevin Walsh said:

“This is just a prime example of the Bolton Labour Party wasting tax payer funds for their own purposes.

“Not content on wasting over £50,000 a year on the Bolton Scene the Labour led council are forking out further funds to help run their social media and press responses. This is cash that we here in the Liberal Democrats recently asked to be shifted towards preventing cuts to services for vulnerable young people, but the labour group rejected!”

“We want a Council that is open, honest and accountable. How can we ever have that when our tax payer cash is being used to fund an individual who’s very job it is to create media smokescreens?”

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