Two outline planning applications have been submitted to Bolton Council to build 21 houses on the wooded area and paddock at Moss Lea.

Residents are asking for your support. They’d like you to write and email a personal objection to the planning department at Bolton Council:

Here are some of the reasons you could use:

Permanent Loss:
1. The loss of wildlife, fields and hedgerows. Under the UK Bio Diversity Action plan, councils have a duty to protect wildlife.
2. The loss of valuable, well used, recreational spaces for all ages.
3. Disruption or loss of bridleways and footpaths.
4. There will be vastly more traffic on he roads that at his time are not capable of taking 
that traffic and which are usually in a poor state of repair.
5. There will be a massive strain on the infrastructure, due to the over capacity, which 
will be put on schools, doctors.
6. Loss, on a large scale of food producing fields.
7. Watercourses
8. The pride of a longstanding community in our shared environment.

Negative Impacts:
1. The amount of extra CO2 that will be produced by the 2nd most polluting form i.e. housing
2. Visual impact to the local area & loss of Village Spirit
3. The creation of urban sprawl – (the very thing that green belt land was intended to prevent).
4. Increased risk of flooding by destroying the natural drainage properties of the land.
5. The greed of house builders who have colluded with the Government to over inflate house demands so that shareholders pockets can be filled at the expense of the countryside.
6.  Capital Funding Reductions / Increased Pupil Numbers

Proposed development will have a detrimental impact on both education provision and schools capital budgets, summarised as follows:
• a greater demand on school places – under fives, primary, secondary and special.
• more school building expansions/developments needed at a time when the public/ school finances face sharp cuts in funding over the next decade.
• reduced funding available for RMBC’s current school buildings, many in poor condition.
• detrimental impact on schools with low educational attainment levels.

Building on greenbelt will completely undermine the objective of protecting and enhancing the environment. In addition BMBC is also undermining and contradicting several of its objectives. We urge the council to consider ALL BROWNFIELD sites before building on Bolton’s greenbelt.


6 thoughts on “Save the woods & paddock at Moss Lea

  1. The provision of 21 homes in the area does not justify the destruction of this important grednbelt land BMBC are committed to preserving woods, bridlrpaths and pathways and this is an obvious such area.
    These homes will create more traffic on the already overcrowded roads in the area and the schools, doctors and other services in this area are already stretched.


      1. Hi All. I live at throstle house on moss lea and have already sent in written objections to this madness.


    1. Completely agree! This is why your local Liberal Democrats have been fighting to scrap the GMSF and instead focus on brownfield sites and bringing empty homes back into use. We need to make better use of the space we have – not keep building out until there is nothing left.


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