A recent FOI request to Bolton Council has revealed complaints of fly-tipping on private land increased by more than 25% from 15/16 to 16/17.

Bolton Council served 115 abatement enforcement order notices to deal with these complaints, clearing away 62 incidents when the notice hadn’t been complied with at a cost of £37,477.

In March this year the council announced it would close 7 ‘bring-sites’ which deals with the collection of paper, card, bottles, cans, and since 2011 a total of 11 household waste disposal sites have been closed down.

The council has recently come under attack from residents over the implementation of the slim-bins who says it has contributed towards issues, and was also criticised by the Liberal Democrat campaigner Warren Fox after they reported fly-tipping had declined across the borough;

Mr Fox said “the local authority has changed the way in which it collects, records, and acts upon fly-tipping which means the figures cannot be a true comparison on previous years.

These new figures from the FOI request confirm what we already know, that fly-tipping is still an issue, and it’s still on the increase, the council is just shifting responsibility.

There are more volunteer groups than ever litter picking & cleaning the streets of Bolton, but there is only so much they can do. I’ve urged the council to re-evaluate it’s policy of no new litter bins, as Bolton has one of the lowest number of public litter bins for towns of similar size with around 900 bins compared with an average of 2700. Whilst it won’t eradicate the issue of litter it will help to reduce it.

It’s clear a new strategy on dealing with fly-tipping and litter across the country is needed, as it’s costing us the tax payer, millions of pounds each year to deal with it.”

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