Today, in the final days of the election campaign, the Liberal Democrats have announced they would provide £48M to repair Bolton hospital if elected.

The funding would address delayed repairs to NHS, bringing IT systems up to day and build new infrastructure to reduce overcrowding at hospitals.

The party has also announced it would provide £46m of investment to repair and restore schools in Bolton. Head teachers in our schools are currently forced to use money that should be dedicated for books, teachers and equipment to fix leaking roofs and crumbling buildings. The extra investment would allow regular school budgets to be spent on teachers, books and equipment instead of maintenance.

The investment would come out of a £17bn infrastructure fund over the next Parliament.

It would come on top of Liberal Democrat commitments to protect school funding per pupil and provide an extra £6bn a year for the NHS and social care by putting a penny on income tax.

Warren Fox, Liberal Democrat candidate for Bolton North East commented:

“Under Theresa May’s Conservatives, our children are being taught in crumbling schools and our sick are being cared for in overcrowded hospitals.

“It doesn’t have to be like this. We will invest an additional £17bn in our schools, enough to repair every school in the country.

“This will allow school budgets to be spent on books, teachers and equipment instead of being diverted to fix leaking roofs.

“We will also invest in the NHS to fix our run-down hospitals, reduce overcrowding and build a modern and world-class health service.

“This week, you can elect a Liberal Democrat MP who will stand up for Bolton on our NHS and schools.”

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