If you live in Bolton North East (Astley Bridge, Bradshaw, Breightmet, Bromley Cross, Crompton, Halliwell or Tonge with the Haulgh) don’t forget to vote in today’s crucial General Election. Don’t worry if you’ve lost your polling card, you can still vote as long as your on the electoral register. Polls are open from 7am until 10pm.

This is your chance to elect passionate local campaigner, Warren Fox as your new member of parliament. Please use your vote!

Warren Fox said: “Like you I’m a resident who just wants something better for Bolton, I live here, I work here, I shop here. I’m proud to call Bolton my home, and that is why I will fight locally and nationally for genuine change in our area.”

Full list of polling stations in Bolton North East:

Astley Bridge

Sharples Primary School, Hugh Lupus Street

Drummond Street Community Centre, Drummons Street

High Lawn Primary School, Holden Avenue

Oldhams Children’s Centre, Forfar Street

The Oaks Primary School, Sharples Hall Drive


Hardy Mill Primary School, Belmont View Entrance

Harwood Youth Centre, Longsight Lane

St Maxentius Primary School, New Heys Way

Bright Meadows Children’s Centre, Greenroyd Avenue


Elderdale Centre, Yewdale Gardens

Housing Community Centre, Deepdale Road

Leverhulme Primary School, Poulton Avenue

Blackshaw Primary School, Bideford Drive

Leverhulme Sports Complex, Long Lane

Bromley Cross

Walmsley Primary School, Blackburn Road

Birtenshaw Methodist Chursh Hall, Darwen Road

Eagley Junior School, Chapeltown Road


Crompton Children’s Centre, Chalfont Street

Mobile Station, Cross Street

Cobden Community Centre, Felton Walk

St Pauls School, Newnham Street

St Columbas Primary School, Ripley Street

St Pauls Top School, Halliwell Road


St Matthews Primary School, Kentford Road

Church of the Nazarene, Yarrow Place

Oxford Grove Children’s Centre

The Krishna Temple, Wyresdale Road

Gilnow School, Gilnow Gardens

The Meeting Room, Bolton Central Library

Central Baptist Church, Snowden Street

Tonge with the Haulgh

Ucan Centre, Tonge Moor Road

Moorgate Primary School, Entwistle Street

Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Tonge Old Road

Sea Cadets Unit, 101 Castle Street


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