Bolton Liberal Democrat campaigner Warren Fox and Astley Bridge resident Joanne Gallagher have written to Bolton-Council Director of Place, Stephen Young requesting a meeting to discuss congestion issues on Blackburn Rd, Astley Bridge.

Mr Fox said; “Two years ago years I handed a petition into the Mayor of Bolton which was signed by 500 residents, requesting for action to be taken to cut congestion on Blackburn Rd. We need the council to look into a meaningful solution as it’s getting worse.”

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On the 15th August 2016, the Executive Cabinet member reviewed the petition and promised to deliver improvements to ‘cut the endless queues’ of traffic on the road. Blackburn Road is one of the busiest routes in the borough with over 25,000 vehicles using the road every day.

Astley Bridge resident Joanne Gallagher, contacted Mr Fox for help after becoming frustrated with the lack of improvements, she said;

“The current traffic situation on Blackburn Road is adding unnecessary time into our already busy lives. It’s bad for the individual, bad for the environment, and bad for local businesses.

I’d like Bolton Council to look into plans like new light sequences or yellow boxes to help the flow of traffic.”

3 thoughts on “Council meeting requested as Blackburn Road traffic problems continue

  1. The lights sequence at asda is rediculous. If u visit asda on a weekeday evening between 5 and 6 gettting off asda is a major problem because when the asda lights change to go there is traffic blocking your exit. This could be remidied with either a yellow box or a better light sequence.


  2. A better light sequence is needed to clear some of the traffic between the Asda/ Birley St junction and the Crompton Way lights, to give enough room to accomodate traffic coming out of Birley St and Asda when lights go green. Currently there is no space on Blackburn Road to pull out at rush hour as the Blacburn Road traffic pull past the junction without leaving room for traffic joining. A yellow box junction would make it impossible for any cars to come out of Birley St or Asda. The cars joining woud be unable to enter the box junction as the exit would never be clear. The lights at Crompton Way need to change sooner to move the traffic along and allow room for Birley St/Asda traffic joining….That’s if the lights at Asda go to green! I’ve been stuck for ages as they stay red when its really busy! Fault or design, I don’t know but it’s happened a few times now, so i just don’t go to Asda after work now, as I can’t get out again!


  3. Because of the congestion on Blackburn Road, Halliwell Road is getting busier as more people are trying to find alternate routes.If cars stopped at the lights instead of forcing their way through as they turn to red it might help.


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