A question has been raised with the Council’s planning department regarding the status of planning permission for the former Three Pigeons pub on Blackburn Rd.

A document on the council’s planning portal: ‘STATEMENT DISCHARGE OF CONDITIONS v1.2’ dated DEC 2012 reveals ‘The development hereby permitted shall begun before the expiration of 3 years from the date of this permission.’

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Residents have grown frustrated at the lack of progress on developing former pub The Three Pigeons, on Blackburn Rd Astley Bridge. The former pub has become a talking in the area for all the wrong reasons as residents often refer to it as an ‘eye-sore’.

In January, owner Nick Howcroft told Council planning officers that work would begin in April 2018.

Warren Fox asked the Council’s planning department for clarification on it’s status, he said;

“Planning was granted in 2012 with a condition that the work would be completed within a 3 year period. I’ve asked the planning department if the planning application is still valid as it looks like the owner should have completed the work by 2015.

The building which has been empty since 2011, has become a talking point for residents but not for good reasons. We just want it sorted. It’s not too much to ask after 7 years of waiting.

We’re now in 2018, and there is still no visible signs of progress. We’ve been promised and promised that the work would start over the last few years, but nothing has happened, so we have to take these promises of start dates with a pinch of salt.”

2 thoughts on “FRUSTRATION: Has planning permission expired on Three Pigeons pub on Blackburn Road?

  1. Its about time both the three pigeons and the briarfield further up were sorted out. They are both eye sores and have both been empty with no significant progress for far to long.


  2. I believe or have been told that th he building needs a lot of asbestos material removing and also the chap who owns the business has gone into receivership? Perhaps yesterday but somethings not right and progression isn’t happening. I’m it’s still up to be quite honest


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