Don’t let Astley Bridge’s Tory Councillors Demolish the Chapel at Cemetery says local Astley Bridge campaigner Warren Fox.

Two weeks ago an Astley Bridge Councillor angered residents after he called for the chapel to be demolished. One suggestion made by the councillor was to demolish the building to three feet above the ground and use it as a reflective garden for mourners.

Astley Bridge resident Debbie, requested a meeting with the council’s Head of Service (Community Services) to discuss the process of transferring the asset from the council to community control.

The response by Bolton Council stated that the Astley Bridge councillors had already received an updated brief some time ago, and the officer would agree to the meeting if the councillors attended.

“Something doesn’t seem right here, first the councillor suggests the building should be demolished, then we find out that they’d already been given updates by the council officer, now if residents want a meeting with the council, they can only do so if these councillors are present.” said Warren Fox

“If the councillors already had the information why haven’t they shared this with residents.

We demand answers.

The request for a face-to-face meeting to save the grade II listed chapel is now being escalated to the Chief Exec of Bolton Council.


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