In 2016 I raised concerns with the council stating the building was open to the elements via a sky light at the rear of the building, and if left that way it could cause the building to become unsafe and unrepairable.

The council inspected the building and advised the owners, since then little has changed. This picture showing the state that the building in 2016, compared with today shows a quick decline..


Yesterday when I visited the former Pub, I was deeply disturbed to find the condition of the building had further declined. The top windows where open to the elements, side windows where smashed, and the outside area was overgrown.

The before and after pictures are staggering.


Unless serious action is taken to make the building weather proof it’s fate will be inevitable, the building will be beyond repair.

I have raised the issue again with the enforcement team in the planning department at Bolton council. 

Sign the Petition: Compulsory purchase The Brierfield & Three Pigeons Pub

4 thoughts on “Brierfield in shocking state of repair

  1. The owners are leaving it on purpose!! They know that when it’s in such a state the council will grant permission for anything just to get it sorted!!


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