Opposing school cuts:
Bolton are facing cuts of £19million from the Conservative Government. 502 is the equivalent number of teachers that would be lost & the amount that would be lost for every pupil is £453. I will oppose cuts to education services in Bolton.

Save Bolton North East’s Green Belt:
The Green Belt in Bolton North East is under threat from house developers who now have unprecedented access to it thanks to changes in planning law by the Conservative Government and plans put forward by Bolton Labour through the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

Bolton North East could see around 3,000 houses built mainly across Astley Bridge, Bradshaw and Bromley Cross. Areas like Horrocks Fold, and land around the last drop will be lost permanently.

Bolton Lib Dems put plans forward to protect Bolton’s green spaces. Amongst these plans were using the 6000 empty homes Bolton already has and building on Brownfield Sites that has already been granted planning permission.

Full details can be read here

Improving Road Safety for Children:

Accidents involving child pedestrians remain significantly higher in Bolton North East is a massive 70% higher than the national average. Cuts to the Council budget means there is no recognised road safety officer [although the duties are being covered by other members of staff].

It would be good to see a reduction in the number of Road Traffic Accidents in the borough especially those KSI [Killed or seriously injured].

Reducing Congestion on Bolton’s Roads:

It is no secret that Bolton’s roads are buckling under the strain of increased traffic. Residents are simply wasting their lives sat in endless queues of traffic, what should be a 10-15 minute journey if often taking 40minutes+ to complete. Arriva have removed several bus services from Astley Bridge with drivers referring to Blackburn Rd as “the Blackburn Rd carpark”.

Improving Public Transport:

Back in July 2015 I helped to set up the Bolton Bus Users Forum with residents from across Bolton, who wanted to campaign against the cuts levied by the Tories which led to many of Bolton’s Bus services either being reduced or cut.

We managed to save the 535 & 537 – albeit on a skeletal service.

The battle continues as the Conservative government hacks more away from the budget, leaving Bolton vulnerable to further reductions in bus services.

We want our Library Back:

Back in May 2015 I campaigned to save the chapel at Astley Bridge Cemetery, pressing the Council to re-roof the building to make it weather tight, however it became apparent that Bereavement Services – the department who are responsible for the chapel, stated the had no use for the building.

I started a period of consultation with local residents about re-using the building, and it seemed the most logical choice to convert it into a multi-purpose community building – a Library, Local Education Centre & Community Cafe. Before closure the old Astley Bridge Library was frequented by approx. 25,000 visitors per year.

An online petition raised over 1200 signatures and was presented to the Mayor of Bolton. 

Litter & Fly-Tipping:

I believe the Council could and should do more to address concerns on fly-tipping. Over the past 12 months fly-tipping across Bolton North East appears to have increased contrary to figures that suggest otherwise. Fly-tippers know that the Council will not remove from unadopted roads, and it appears this is where they are targeting.

Over the past 12 months I have suggested two schemes to the Council that would go some way as to changing the habits of those who litter and reducing the amount dropped through the Wrigley’s actor led scheme for schools, and Kick-it-out’s charity litter bins which incentivise people to dispose of litter in these bins, by giving money to charity per tonne of litter collected. Neither of these schemes have been adopted.

I regularly join The Litter Pickers of North Bolton who litter pick every Sunday from 9am to 10.30am. Everyone is welcome, you can get more information from their facebook page.

UK Economy:

While we respect the outcome of the referendum held in June 2016, we believe that Britain is a more prosperous country when we are part of the world’s largest economy, working in partnership with our closest neighbours and allies to tackle the biggest challenges.

We believe that free trade is a good thing. It creates jobs, increases prosperity and helps pay for things like the NHS, schools and public services.

Our livelihoods are improved because of free trade – including through our membership of the Single Market. That is why we are fighting for Britain at the very minimum to remain a member of the Single Market.